​​Who the heck are they?

Steph & Kelly

Boudoir Photography Studio, Pixies Photography, professional women's photography studio in downtown Chaska, MN. Boudoir Photography Studio, Pixies Photography, professional women's photography studio in downtown Chaska, MN.

Pixies Photography is an all-women company that specializes in the boudoir, pin-up  and vintage Hollywood style photography of women.


Pixies Photograph Studio is conviently located in downtown Chaska at 207 N. Chestnut St. Suite 150


Founders Kelly and Stephanie come with an extensive background in the beauty industry.Kelly’s experience began while living in southern California for stint.  She was fortunate enough to get an “in” with the entertainment industry.  She worked as a make-up artist on many photo-shoots and music videos. “I was young, naive, and COMPLETELY STUNNED to find the models I worked with looked just like everyday, AVERAGE men & women, but by the time hair, make-up & post-production was completed, they were transformed into the perfect super & GQ model”t really boiled down to “smoke & mirrors”. “This was Hollywood’s BIG SECRET and the whole world should know!”   I remember thinking.  Realizing this, she decided then that with the right knowledge, experience and equipment, we ALL can look like we just stepped off the set.  It was a welcome  awakening for this small-town girl from the Midwest. Moving back to Minnesota in 2000 she brought this experience along with her big Hollywood SECRET and is excited to incorporate her honed skills in make-up, photography and post-production.

Stephanie has been in the cosmetology industry for many years. Always the creative woman in  business, she owned a successful salon in Wayzata, MN that has now been there for 20+ years. “I take great pride in my long lasting relationships with my clients, they have taught me just how important these friendships are in maintaining a successful business...really, it’s not about the company, but rather the clients themselves and succeeding their satisfaction.”


Stephanie has set her sites on this exciting entrepreneurial venture, Pixies Photography. That said, it was their obsession with photography that brought them together to form Pixies Photography. “It only made sense that we should combine our skills and passion to help make everyone in the world feel beautiful. “There is nothing more gratifying than witnessing a client realize their own empowerment. The confidence they radiate is truly magical. We are simply there to capture this on film.”

Had a wonderful time.  The ladies are great at what they do, took their time with me and made me feel sexy, beautiful and special!  Thank you!!

~ Tina

An experience I will never forget!  This was something that was completely "out  of my box" and took a lot of courage for me to do.  I can't tell you how glad I am that I did it!!  AMAZING!!!  EVERY woman should do this.  Thank you again!!

~ Michelle